Kitty Doll & Wolf Hardcore!
Kitty Doll leads a very sexual lifestyle. She says that sex just happens around her. She's a sexual catalyst. She has a saying, "move to the left." When I quoted the famous song by Beyonce, she said, and I'm paraphrasing, "that's not what I mean. I have so many people trying to have sex with me, there's like a long line forming. If one can't make it, then step to the left and let the next person have a shot." She literally oozes sex. She was leaking cum the entire time and eating it up! She's a pain slut and rope addict, very pansexual. She'll "fuck anything that walks." You might be next. I had so much fun, that there is no doubt we'll be working together again in the future. She really enjoyed the naked interview we shot at the end and I'm sure you will too.

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