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Barbara and Connie

When I first met Barbara she told me she was a girl with a dick. She said that she only wants to live as a girl and that she wants to get her sex change as soon as possible. I have a lot respect when a girl tells me this (and means it) because it means they are not just doing this because TS' make more money than gay men. It means that the girl it truly a transsexual.When she pulled down her pants that I wish they had penial transplants. Connie loves getting pounded hard. The bottom is usually getting pounded hard and it can be stop and go so the bottom gets a little tired. Not Connie she loved Barbara's big cock every time I looked at her off camera she looked like she was loving it. This was great except we had to stop a couple of time because she was going to cum too soon. Then in the end we just let her cum when she wanted to. Frank from http://www.franks-tgirlworld.com

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